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Zion Academy of America

K-12 Online Homeschool

ZAA is a fully-accredited, online Christian school offering affordable, award-winning summer homeschooling programs and curriculum

Join 150,000+ homeschoolers

For 40 years, Zion Academy of America has home-schooled children and teens through grade school, middle school and high school, preparing them for life, college, and careers.

K12 Christian Homeschool Online

Have you been considering going for an online homeschooling program? But unsure whether it’s a safe option since you child’s future depends on it? Well, you will be surprised to know that homeschooling has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Enrolling your kid in a homeschool program online not only broadens the learning ground, but also helps them become independent.

We at Zion Academy of America ZAA realize the worth and important of online homeschooling, so we have devised K-12 online homeschool courses that will help to bring out the best within your child. You can put your trust in our carefully designed courses as we strive to build a strong educational foundation for every child.

Comparison Between Our Online Homeschool Programs vs. Other Homeschool Programs

As the majority of the parents have prioritized online homeschool in comparison to traditional methods of Western schooling, you will find a wide range of online homeschooling programs.

So what makes Zion Academy different from the rest of those online homeschooling academies? First, it is our dedication and enthusiasm to provide every student with profound knowledge along with improving their learning capabilities.

The following aspects of our online K-12 homeschooling programs will give you an overview of our academy.

1) Christian-based curriculum:

Having a Christian-based curriculum is what makes our academy unique. We have formulated our courses and programs based on the teachings of the bible, which help to create a solid foundation while educating young minds. Our Bible-based curriculum encourages morality and builds the strong character of the students. This makes us the leading Christian-based online school for kids of all ages.

2) Personalized Learning Programs:

Unlike other online homeschooling programs that offer the same course for every student, irrespective of their learning capabilities, we put together a personalized learning program for each individual child.

Our world-class customized courses support each child’s learning pace and level. This way we help build self-confidence and achievement.

3) Numerous Programs Available:

An online homeschooling program is comprehensive when it gives us an extensive range of programs to choose from. We have online as well as print-based programs for our students. You can even choose a combination program (online and print), depending on your needs.

Besides the academic curriculum, we also offer the best home school summer school programs to help students independently master their skills. 

4) Reasonable Fee Structure

The ultimate reason for choosing online homeschooling is to reduce the financial burden facing high fee structures imposed by private schools and other homeschooling programs.

Our courses and online homeschooling programs are cost-effective, allowing you to provide your child with quality education without the need of going bankrupt.

5) Additional Services

Do any other online homeschooling programs present you with infinite services besides academic courses? Well, we have plenty of services for you, including a tutoring add-on option.

We try to keep you up-to-date about your child’s progress throughout the courses with the student portal, email support, professional record-keeping, and grade reports. we also provide enrollment verification, graduation. planning, and offer a high school diploma upon graduation.

Contact Zion Academy of America to benefit from our well-planned Christian-based academic courses at a very reasonable price at 682-250-6088.

K12 Online Homeschool

Zion Academy of America


232 SW Johnson Ave #2739

Burleson, TX 76097

Enrollment Plans

All Plans Require $150 Annual Registration

Only $75 For Each Additional Student


Grades 3-5: $105/mo
Grades 6-8: $115/mo
Grades 9-11: $125/mo
Grade 12: $135/mo
$ 105-135
Per Month*


Grades K-3: $145/mo
$ 145
Per Month*


Grades 3-6: $165/mo
$ 165
Per Month*

*tuition rates based on 10-month plan. $250 fee if withdrawing before end of school year


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