Online homeschool is a new way of educating your kids at home. Though most parents opt for proper schooling, some opt for online homeschooling. There could be several reasons for schooling kids at home. Some of the reasons might be bullying, the environment of the school, helping the child to pursue his dream, or any other. However, the Homeschool program online is not for everyone, a lot of effort is required which not all parents can give. To decide what is best for you, you must know the cons and pros of online homeschool.

Pros Of Homeschooling Online


With online homeschool comes the freedom of choice. How? Your child has a free hand to follow his dreams along with getting homeschooling online. Schools are more focused on studies more than one’s aims, goals, or you can say passion. Online k-12 homeschooling has the benefit of paying equal attention to every subject from music to maths. Added to the freedom of choice is the freedom from bullying and peer pressure on certain matters.

  • Own Timings: Everyone wishes to have ease in timings of school which is only possible if you opt for online homeschool. You could schedule your classes according to your routine which makes it easier for you to learn according to your feasibility. You could change the time according to your plan. Best homeschool summer school programs always cater to you with timings that are suitable for you.
  • Cost-effective: Not all homeschooling online is expensive. There are a majority of online homeschool programs that are for free or rather affordable. Constant purchase of curriculum is not required and all the resources are provided online.

Cons Of Homeschooling Online

  • Social Life Affected: The one major drawback of online homeschooling is less social interaction. You get less exposure to different personalities as the most you could do is help your child interact with cousins or family friends. A child studying at home often lacks the confidence to open up to others as he has been in such an environment since childhood. Children mostly get depressed when they have fewer people to interact with.
  • Screen Time: There is an excess usage of phones or tablets or laptops whatever you take online classes on. This constant use of screens can affect the eyes of the kid. Kids nowadays already are so addicted to their phones and ignore outdoor activities. Online homeschool along with normal usage of the phone would cancel out all other activities that one could have availed.
  • Less Individual Attention: Online homeschooling that is held in batches or groups has a lot less individual attention to be offered during the class. A child might face difficulty during the sessions. Though the professors may help later during the class, special attention to each individual can not be catered.

If you are finding an institute that could cater to you with most of the advantages and minimize the cons, you should contact Zion Academy, a Christian-based online school for kids. To get your child registered or to know more about us contact us at 682-250-6088.

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