Online Homeschool

Zion Academy of America offers students an accredited online homeschool curriculum that is tailored to their needs. Choose from online and/or print-based materials, both available at a very affordable cost. Explore all of the resources on our website and reach out to us at 682-250-6088 with any questions.

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Jewish Marriage Advice

Connect with Rabbi Manis Friedman through It’s Good to Know for Jewish marriage advice. If your marriage is in trouble or you need help with a marital issue, Rabbi Manis Friedman can offer you advice through one-on-one counseling or through his website’s free email platform when you send your questions to

FOREX MT4 Strategy

Trend Trading Academy (TTA)
(313) 775-6977

Trend Trading Academy can explain the FOREX MT4 strategy you’ve heard so much about and help you get trained to trade like the pros. Begin your FOREX education by signing up for a TTA membership and gain access to the tools, training, community, and one-on-one mentoring you’ll need to succeed.

raspberry pi RTD

Sequent Microsystems
(408) 982-6543

Sequent Microsystems

investing in Canadian stocks

Investing in Canadian stocks has been made easy and affordable by Canada’s newest stock market social media community. If you’re looking for a way to make money in shared investment opportunities or as a learn-as-you-grow member, you’ll find Ticker Tracker has a lot to offer you as a free or paid member. Ticker Trackers