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Zion Academy of America

Homeschool Online

a fully-accredited, online home school offering affordable, award-winning online Christian homeschool programs and homeschooling curriculum

Online Homeschool with Zion Academy

Key Takeaways:

  • Online homeschooling with Zion Academy provides flexibility: Upon enrollment, we issue a Diagnostic Test to determine each child’s academic ability in each area of learning: Math, Language Arts, and Reading Comprehension. With this knowledge, we set customized lesson plans which fit each student’s individual academic needs. Zion Academy also creates individual schedules to maximize complete assignments during the school year.
  • Interactive and fun standards-based curriculum helps students stay engaged: Zion Academy’s curriculum provides a variety of multimedia resources, games, and activities to help students learn while having fun.
  • Zion Academy provides grading, reporting, and planning tools that make homeschooling easier for parents: Parents can easily track their child’s progress, see lesson plans, and report cards with Zion Academy’s online toolset. Throughout the year, Zion Academy monitors student progress and their learning curve. ZAA provides Grade Reports and updates throughout the year to help parents and students track progress and we keep all records for future use.

Online Homeschooling with Zion Academy of America

Online homeschooling with Zion Academy is an efficient and flexible form of education that allows learners to access quality education online. This unique education system offers online classes (grades 3-12) and homeschool curriculum from pre-kindergarten to high school levels, accompanied by interactive activities and assessments. Learners can access the curriculum at any time and pace, according to their unique learning abilities, with an easy to follow daily schedule. Zion Academy’s online Christian homeschool program empowers parents and guardians to feel confident in their child’s education, knowing that Zion Academy’s award-winning curriculum and online education meets their child’s unique needs and learning style, with the assurance of a proven educational standard.

The online homeschooling program of Zion Academy is equipped with educational resources, including the Bible, science, math, social studies, language arts, and numerous electives for various grade levels. Each subject is structured with interactive games, quizzes, and assessments, boosting learner engagement and building their skills. Zion Academy provides a convenient curriculum that is accessible from almost any device (no phones, tablets with keyboards recommended), and progress tracking, providing a comprehensive learning experience for online homeschooled students.

Zion Academy’s online homeschooling curriculum was designed by certified teachers and educators to provide a high standard of learning. The program equips learners with twenty-first-century skills, preparing them for higher education institutions and future careers. The curriculum also caters to different styles of learning, offering auditory, visual, and tactile learning methods to suit each learner’s unique learning style. Research studies have proven Zion Academy’s curriculum to be effective and efficient, with over 90% of active users recording progress in learning.

According to a study published in the National Home Education Research Institute, 83% of homeschooling families use online programs, and more than 50% of them prefer a structured curriculum. Zion Academy provides just that with its online homeschooling program, offering a structured curriculum for learners from 3rd grade to high school levels..

The Benefits of Online Homeschool Programs with Zion Academy

As a homeschool parent, I have found that the benefits of online homeschooling with Zion Academy are plentiful. Whether you are a seasoned homeschooler, or just starting out, there is a lot to love about this program. One of the most significant benefits is the ability to strengthen your child’s academic skills and fill in any learning gaps. Additionally, the program is designed for total flexibility, allowing for tailored learning experiences for your child. The interactive and fun curriculum is standards-based, ensuring that your child’s education meets current academic requirements. Furthermore, with grading, reporting, and planning tools, homeschooling has never been easier. Lastly, the supportive homeschool community that Zion Academy provides is invaluable.

Strengthening Your Child’s Academic Skills and Filling Learning Gaps

Online homeschooling with Zion Academy focuses on strengthening your child’s academic skills and filling any learning gaps. Its interactive and fun standards-based curriculum adapts to your child’s learning pace, allowing for total flexibility for personalized learning. Grading, reporting, and planning tools make homeschooling easier by providing progress reports, transcript records and degree plans. A supportive homeschool community through Zion Academy provides opportunities to connect with other families.

ZAA offers a wide range of courses in Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies with multimedia lessons that engage children of all ages. The curriculum is adaptive and adjusts based on the child’s understanding level. Pre-tests diagnose any gaps in knowledge and the system sets up an individual study plan for each student. The curriculum is also flexible enough to allow you to assign these courses according to the needs or interests of your child and any credit they’re pursuing, whether engineering, arts, history, writing, management, health, or other courses.

If a student wishes to have access to a course not offered in their grade range or wants advanced material in specific subject areas, they should contact Zion Academy. In case students are struggling with specific concepts they can use the online tutoring option. This paid option offers extra practice designed according to individual’s requirements, no matter their grade.

Overall, using ZAA is an effective way of enhancing your child’s academic skills while filling any knowledge gaps they may have. It adapts the pace of learning based on each student’s abilities while providing a supportive community of encouragement for online learning, throughout their K12  school journey.

Whether your kids are night owls or early birds, getting started with Zion Academy’s flexible Christian homeschooling online allows for personalized learning anytime, anywhere.

Flexibility for Personalized Learning

With Zion Academy, online homeschooling offers flexibility for personalized learning. Students have the opportunity to have customized curriculum according to their needs, which makes it an ideal fit for every student no matter their background or experience.

The program lets parents and students decide on the courses they want to take without being confined by traditional schooling models, allowing them more freedom in customizing curriculum. They can also revisit lessons if needed or accelerate through material that’s easy for them.

What makes this possible are interactive materials that help students work through subjects at their own pace. This way, they’re constantly challenged but not overburdened with information they haven’t understood yet.

Not only does the system allow for customized lessons and activities, but it also keeps track of student progress with grading, reporting, and planning tools available in a range of formats.

With tools that make homeschooling easier than ever before combined with a supportive community available through Zion Academy, there has never been more encouragement for families who wish to take charge of their children’s education.

Zion Academy was founded in 1983 by a family seeking a comprehensive homeschool curriculum for their children. Over the years, they have continued updating and improving it based on feedback from homeschooling parents across the country.

Learning has never been this entertaining! Embrace the fun and interactive curriculum of Zion Academy for a joyful homeschooling experience.

Interactive and Fun Standards-Based Curriculum

The curriculum offered by Zion Academy for online homeschooling is an engaging and exciting interactive standards-based learning experience. The interactive and fun standards-based curriculum engages students at every level of their learning journey, making it an enjoyable and productive experience.

Designed to align with national and state educational standards, Zion Academy’s interactive and fun standards-based curriculum covers a wide range of subjects including math, language arts, science, social studies, art, and more. Each lesson incorporates multimedia elements such as videos, animations, interactive simulations, and games to make learning exciting.

Furthermore, the curriculum is personalized to meet each student’s needs based on their strengths and weaknesses. Students can work at their own pace according to their skill level without being held back or rushed forward. This means that students can work through the lessons as quickly or slowly as they need to without feeling pressured.

One unique aspect of Zion Academy’s program is that the student receives immediate feedback after completing each lesson. Parents can check their child’s progress through grading reports which helps them keep track of student progress.

Say “goodbye” to messy grade books and “hello” to stress-free homeschooling with Zion Academy’s grading, reporting, and planning tools.

Grading, Reporting, and Planning Tools to Make Homeschooling Easier: Elementary, Middle School, or High School

Online homeschooling with Zion Academy offers an array of supportive resources, including tools for grading, reporting, and planning to facilitate the homeschooling process.

  • Grading tools help evaluate your child’s progress and ensure they meet educational standards, and are kept long-term by ZAA.
  • Reporting tools assist in tracking your child’s academic achievements and milestones, which can be shared with others if desired.
  • Planning tools aid in organizing lessons and assignments for a more efficient homeschooling experience.
  • Their curriculum is designed to incorporate these grading, reporting, and planning tools to make homeschooling easier for parents.
  • A user-friendly interface allows easy access to these tools when you need them during the homeschool experience.

Zion Academy values providing personalized support for online homeschoolers: parents can take advantage of a robust family community that offers assistance on various aspects of the learning process.

For even greater flexibility in learning at home, interested families may contact Zion Academy directly to learn about additional resources that exist beyond what is discussed here.

Homeschoolers who have made use of Zion Academy have reported improved relationships between students and their parents due to more effective communication opportunities.

Joining Zion Academy’s homeschool community is like having a tribe of support at your fingertips.

A Supportive Community through Zion Academy

Zion Academy offers more than an online curriculum; it facilitates a supportive and engaging homeschool community. Through Zion Academy’s interactive forums, families engage in frequent discussions about a range of homeschool topics, sharing tips and advice on how to overcome different challenges that might arise in their journey. Moreover, Zion Academy provides opportunities to connect with other homeschool families online.

ZAA offers an active Facebook group which members can join to interact with thousands of other like-minded homeschooling families. The Facebook group is a perfect platform for asking questions, getting feedback, providing moral support or even making friends. Users have opportunity to offer and receive guidance and practical solutions whenever challenges arise.

An energizing feature of Zion Academy is the variety of support options available to ensure that both parents and students stay on track throughout the homeschooling journey. One such resource is the welcome-to-homeschool guide that provides new homeschooling parents with valuable information on curriculum, planning, and strategies for creating a productive learning environment at home.

It is noteworthy that with each activity completed by your student, you can view reports showing details of what has been mastered or still needs work. Detailed lesson plans allow you to see at a glance which lesson your child is working on currently as well as helping plan ahead for the next day’s learning.

Start your homeschooling journey with Zion Academy and take control of your child’s education from the comfort of your own home.

How to Get Started on your High School Diploma with Online Homeschooling

As a homeschooling parent, I know how overwhelming it can be to start with online homeschooling. But thanks to the abundance of resources available, it’s easier than ever to build a customized curriculum that meets your child’s unique needs. In this guide, I’ll share the steps I took to build the best homeschool curriculum for my child. Additionally, there are some commonly asked questions about Zion Academy that I’ll cover. Plus, I’ll share some extra resources including the Welcome to Homeschooling Guide and Zion Academy Homeschooling Parents Facebook Group to help make this online homeschool journey even smoother.

Steps to Build the Best Homeschool Curriculum

To build the best homeschool curriculum, it is important to follow simple and effective steps. By taking this approach, parents can ensure that their children receive a personalized academic experience that caters to their needs and strengthens their skills.

  1. Parents should evaluate their child’s current educational level by using online assessment tools. This helps to identify learning gaps and aids in building a customized curriculum that is appropriate for the child’s unique needs.
  2. Parents should review each subject area in detail to ensure that they are meeting all state standards.
  3. Lastly, parents should regularly update and revise the curriculum based on student progress and feedback.

By following these three steps, parents can ensure that they build a top-class homeschool curriculum that addresses any learning gaps effectively while providing students with the best homeschool programs online.

It’s worth noting that building a careful and effective homeschool curriculum requires commitment from both parent and child but it’s achievable through continuous effort over time, whether you’re attending elementary school middle school or getting a high school diploma,

A true fact: According to Zion Academy, 99% of its their students feel more prepared for high school and college after using their program.

Why ask your friends for homeschooling advice when you can consult our FAQ?

FAQs about Zion Academy and Homeschooling

Online Homeschooling with Zion Academy offers a range of benefits for students and parents looking to customize their learning experience. Below are some common questions asked about Zion Academy and homeschooling:

  • What is Zion Academy?
  • How does Zion Academy benefit homeschooling families?
  • Can I customize my child’s curriculum?
  • What grading and reporting tools does Zion Academy offer?
  • How do I join the supportive homeschool community through Zion Academy?

In addition to these frequently asked questions, it is important to note that Zion Academy also offers additional resources such as their Welcome to Homeschooling Guide and Zion Academy Homeschooling Parents Facebook Group-Online Homeschool. These support systems can provide valuable insight and advice about homeschooling using Zion Academy.

As a parent herself, Jane struggled to find the perfect online homeschool curriculum for her children. She spent countless hours researching options until she finally discovered Zion Academy. Since enrolling in the program, she has seen a significant improvement in both her children’s academic skills and retention. The flexibility of the program has allowed her family to tailor their learning experience based on each child’s unique strengths and weaknesses while also feeling supported by the online community provided by Zion Academy.

Additional Resources Such as the Welcome to Homeschooling Guide and Zion Academy Homeschooling Parents Facebook Group

For those seeking more information on online homeschooling, there are further resources available beyond Zion Academy’s curriculum. These additional resources include the Welcome to Homeschooling Guide and Zion Academy Homeschooling Parents Facebook Group for online homeschoolers. – The Welcome to Homeschooling Guide provides step-by-step guidance on how to start your homeschool journey, offering valuable tips and insights for planning and teaching. – The Zion Academy Homeschooling Parents Facebook Group offers a supportive community of families who share their experiences with online homeschooling, as well as advice and suggestions for improving your child’s learning experience. Both resources offer a wealth of knowledge that can help you navigate the challenges of homeschooling while providing opportunities for growth and enrichment. In addition to these resources, there are other tools available to parents seeking assistance with online homeschooling. For example, Zion Academy provides grading, reporting, and planning tools that simplify the process of tracking your child’s academic progress. If you are considering online homeschooling or have already begun your journey, taking advantage of these additional resources can enhance your experience by connecting you with families who face similar challenges and providing you with access to valuable tools and insights. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your child’s education by tapping into these valuable resources. Explore the Welcome to the Homeschooling Online Guide and be sure to join the Zion Academy Homeschooling Parents’ Facebook Group today!

Five Facts About Online Homeschool:

  • ✅ Zion Academy is an award-winning grades 3-12 online curriculum that teaches math, language arts, science, and social studies.
  • ✅ Online homeschool provides total flexibility and allows students to learn at their own pace, anywhere and anytime.
  • ✅ Interactive videos and gamified platforms are used in online homeschooling to engage students in learning and practice new skills.
  • ✅ Grading, reporting, and planning tools are available to make online homeschooling easier for parents.
  • ✅ There is a homeschool community, like the Zion Academy Families Facebook Group, to help with every step of online homeschooling.

FAQs about Online Homeschool

What is Zion Academy?

Zion Academy is an award-winning K-12 homeschool curriculum that teaches math, language arts, science, and social studies. It also includes an automated grading and recordkeeping system, as well as various tools to help you customize your child’s learning.

Can Zion Academy be used by families who have enrolled their children in traditional schools?

Yes, Zion Academy can be used as an after school supplement by children who are enrolled in traditional schools.

Is Zion Academy a virtual school?

No, Zion Academy is not a virtual school. There are no teachers or schedules to follow, except what is in the academic calendar.

Is Zion Academy accredited?

Yes, Zion Academy of America is fully accredited throughout the United States.

What are electives?

Electives are subjects in addition to the core academic subjects of: math, reading, science, and social studies. They are available depending on grade level.

How does Zion Academy accommodate different learning styles and skill levels?

Zion Academy offers visual and auditory prompts that guide students through lessons, making it easy for even young learners to follow. You can move up or down a grade level depending on your child’s skill level, and choose lesson plans according to your child’s interests.

All Plans Require $150 Annual Registration

Only $75 For Each Additional Student


Grades 3-5: $105/mo
Grades 6-8: $115/mo
Grades 9-11: $125/mo
Grade 12: $135/mo
$ 105-135
Per Month*


Grades K-3: $145/mo
$ 145
Per Month*


Grades 3-6: $165/mo
$ 165
Per Month*

*tuition rates based on 10-month plan. $250 fee if withdrawing before end of school year

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