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Preschool South Surrey

Many parents agree there is nothing more important than providing your child with a good education. A solid academic foundation begins early. Research has found that children’s most formative years are from birth through 5 years old. During this time children are learning at a very fast pace and they will build on what they learn during this time in their lives. Parents want to choose a preschool in South Surrey that provides the curriculum children need to enrich their lives and boost their skills.

CEFA Preschool in South Surrey

Our CEFA preschool in South Surrey offers curriculum that includes basic skills in core academics such as language, reading and writing. We also include physical education and fine arts in our curriculum so children get a well-rounded introduction to academics. Our enriched program uses CEFA educational methods that were developed to give children the opportunity to learn, develop and grow through the use of fun and educational games, songs and play.

We use a modern mix of core subjects that provides kids freedom to grow and develop as they play and experiment. Teachers introduce children to subjects and give them the tools they need to develop and learn. They also pay careful attention to the types of subjects that each child takes a particular interest in so they can allow further enhancement.

Each subject is taught at the appropriate level. For example, pre-writing helps kids develop their motor skills so they can begin the fundamentals of writing. They learn to draw curves and lines that will then form letters.

Reading is taught using phonics as well as the seven essential components. Parents can assist in their child’s education at home by using the letter-by-letter method of learning to read. Children who learn to read at an early age develop the skills they need to excel throughout their academic life and beyond.

Enrolling in Preschool in South Surrey

Our CEFA preschool programs begin in September and run through August. Enrollment begins in the spring; however, you may enroll your child during the year if openings become available. After completing an application you will be called for an interview when space is available. Parents take part in an interview with the principal, teacher and administrator.

Tuition fees include extra-curricular activities. Once your child is accepted to our program we offer gradual entry. The teacher will work with the child to ensure that he or she is introduced to the program at a pace that is best. Teachers regularly document a child’s progress throughout the year and will provide information to parents on a regular basis.

There is no better way to start your child’s education than by enrolling them in CEFA preschool in South Surrey. Our programs are for ages 1 through 5 and children are grouped according to their age and abilities. Your child will learn the fundamental building blocks they need to succeed in their academic subjects and in life. Visit our website to learn more and to begin the application process.

Preschool South Surrey



Preschool South Surrey


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