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Zion Academy of America

Table of Contents

Online Tutorials

Login & Begin

How to login & begin

Assignments & Dates

Deadline review dates & more

Reading Section

Navigating the reading section & more

Yellow Triangle

What does the yellow triangle mean?

Asking For Help

How to ask For help

Checking Student Progress

How to check a student's progress

How to Upload

Uploading a document or assignment

Navigate Curriculum

Navigating the reading section & more

Online Tutoring Sign-Up

Need extra help? Sign-up for 1-on-1 tutoring

Scheduling a Tutor Session

Schedule a one-on-one tutor session

Print-Based Tutorials

Print-Based Materials:
Pink Sheet - VIDEO

The Pink Sheet | Student Schedule

Materials - VIDEO

How to use the books

Print-Based Materials:
Score Key - VIDEO

How to use the score key

Materials - VIDEO

How to score

Phonics Tutorials

Phonics: How to Teach a
Child to Read - VIDEO

Using flash cards effectively to teach a child to read

Phonics: the Pink
Sheet - VIDEO

Student schedule

Materials - VIDEO

Teacher's manual and student lessons

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