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Work Order Software

You can set up an effective workflow for managing incoming tasks by utilizing our work order software. This software allows you to send work orders directly to your team and keep everything moving smoothly. Our software will help the whole process become more streamlined. With ServiceBox work order scheduling software, you will get immediate access to an improved workflow. 

Functions Of Our Work Order Software

At ServiceBox, our work order management software is designed for the Plumbing and Heating (HVAC) industry to facilitate creating, tracking, and reporting work orders. Functions of our work order management software include:

  • Track downtime
  • Track safety procedures
  • Quickly assign labor hours
  • Display outstanding work for the week or month
  • Estimate and track labor, parts, and miscellaneous costs 

Benefits Of Our Work Order Management Software

Our work order software focuses on improving your workflow. But there are many benefits you can expect from our software. Here are a few of them. 

Centralized System For All Orders

At ServiceBox, our work order software automates the process involved in getting the job done. They end the chances of mistakes, duplication, and disorganization. You can send out tasks once you’ve confirmed all the necessary fields. Assigned tasks are clear and transparent.  

Determine And Assign High Priority Work 

You’re likely to have a few works that require immediate attention. Our work order management software can help you identify which work orders need to be the top priority. You can assign priority levels to these orders and input deadlines. 

Process And Inventory Tracking

Our work order software gives you real-time tracking during the process through regular updates. This software can categorize tasks and allow you to take action. The software can place orders for equipment and inventory as needs emerge and track progress. 

Record Keeping For Better Budget 

Work order software is crucial in measuring performance. This software allows you to keep work records so that you can plan for the future. By having up-to-date records, interruptions and stoppages are also eliminated.

Have All The Team On The Same Page

Work order software provides streamlined workflows. Everyone in the team is aware and knows exactly where they stand. With this work order management software, communication is more efficient. Each team member can comment on the progress of his or her orders; this makes your business more effective. 

Makes Documents Accessible

Gone are the days of searching through stacks of folders and cabinets. Our work order software provides a centralized and digitized database for all your documents. These free your office building from unnecessary clutters. The work order software ensures that no file or document gets lost and can keep everything secured digitally by providing backups.

Let ServiceBox Help You

At ServiceBox, our work order software allows you to define and assign tasks easily and quickly. We can help you customize this software to meet your exact specifications and company needs. Contact us today at 888-727-4983 for a free demonstration or learn more about our Work order software features and capabilities.



Work Order Software

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